Fire Suppression

Automatic fire suppression systems suppress, control and extinguish fires often without the need for human intervention. We install, service and maintain a variety of fire suppression system options, both standalone and system integrated. We supply, install and service FIREDETEC Compact Fire Suppression Systems as we feel it is the superior product of choice within the fire suppression market. However we also can service and maintain other fire suppression systems upon request.

Available systems include:

* CO2

* Foam

* Water

* ABC Powder

* FM-200

Direct Configuration

In a direct release system, the suppressant will come through the hole in the tube directly.Direct release systems are recommended for electrical panel and server rack protection. The direct release system works well for protection of electrical hazards, because it does not rely on any metal components installed within an electrical enclosure. Metal components, like nozzles, can cause electrical arc faults, which actually increase your fire risk. Because direct release systems rely entirely on the tubing, a plastic material, fire risk is reduced.

In direct Configuration

An indirect release is when the tube acts as a detection device and, through the pressure change, tells the system to discharge the agent through other pipes and nozzles. Indirect release systems are commonly used for vehicles and in CNC machines. Firetrace Indirect Release Systems have been independently tested and evaluated by the leading product performance testing agencies. They are UL Listed and FM Approved. Third party testing ensures that products consistently perform as expected and can tolerate environmental challenges like temperature change.

Kitchen HOOD System

A complete preengineered system for commercial kitchens and other areas at risk for grease-based fires, Protects cooking areas with 2 protection zones + extraction hood. High incidence of fire in grill and fryer areas and extraction fan draws flames into hood where they can ignite other oiley residues. It helps prevent personnel injury and minimize damage to vital cooking equipment and surrounding areas.

- A Complete ,ready-to-install system

- Available with liquid based FireDETEC

- Manual Actuator included

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