Fire Sprinkler System

This method of consisting of a water supply system and providing adequate pressure. Water-based fire protection systems are the most common form of fire suppression for both the industrial and the commercial sectors. This system typically comprises a series of individual components including:

* Stop Valve

* Valve Monitor

* Alarm Valve

* Pressure and Flow Switch

* Jacking Pump

* Motorised Alarm Bell or Gong

Pre-Action System

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are filled with air and water is allowed to pass through when the smoke alarm or detector goes off. This type of system requires two triggers to start water flow. It helps greatly that the pre-action fire sprinkler can be set to prevent water from spouting in case of a false alarm or a mechanical failure. The pre-action system is good for use in places where the sprinklers are only necessary when there is an actual fire so other items do not get water damage

Dry Pipe

Dry pipe sprinklers are similar to pre-action systems as they use pressurized air in the pipe which exits before water escapes. This causes a minute delay in water discharge but is ideal for building with low temperatures so the pipes do not freeze. These fire spri nkler systems have a fast opening tool to get rid of the air and speed up the flow of water. Warehouses located in the north are a good example of what buildings should use dry pipe sprinklers

Wet Pipe

Wet pipe fire sprinklers constantly have water in them. This all ows for a quick reaction to a fire and is the most common type of sprinkler installed in buildings. A type of building that uses the wet pipe system is a high-rise or office building with a few floors. This fire sprinkler system is cost efficient and low mainte nance. It’s no wonder this is the most commonly used sprinkler system in the market today.

Deluge System

These types of fire sprinkler systems also need a smoke or heat detector like the pre-action system. A deluge system has open nozzles that can be used when a hazard is present. When flamm able liquids are spread across a floor, deluge fire sprinklers are good to have. In that case, buildings such as industrial parks and buildings with many tanks have deluge fire sprinkler systems ins talled.

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